Grilled Avocados & Tomatoes

Grilled Avocados & Tomatoes The first few days of this week I will be a CC {Classical Conversations} Practicum. We will be focused on math this go ’round. Last year it was Latin and boy did I learn a lot. I am going with the expectation that I will walk away exhausted, but better for […]

My Smokin’ Hot Beast: My Saber Grill

Did you ever wonder why I call my grill posts, “No Fear, Just Grill?”  Most of you may not know this, but in college I accidentally started a fire while cooking with oil. What I remember most about that fire was the uncontrolled flames. When I have grilled in the past, my heart would always […]

Grilled Chicken Roll Ups

Grilled Chicken Roll Ups     Who needs an easy good meal now that summer is here? I have been using my Saber to cook for at least 3 nights every week lately. It’s summertime. Now that we are done with school the Things have increased energy and extra time to wear me out quicker. […]

Grilled Jalapeño Burgers

  I have been in a jalapeño mood. I think because it’s summer I am craving them. I am even buying jalapeño flavored chips lately. So it makes perfect sense that I would want some on my burger. Before we left for our 10 year anniversary get away, I whipped up some jalapeño burgers on […]

Stuffed Jalapeños

Stuffed Jalapeños are one of our favorites! It’s starting to really warm up and it’s grillin’ time! As you start menu planning, add some grilled recipes! They are quick, easy, and you know you love some smoke on your food! Stuffed Jalapeños are one of my favorite favorite things. I crave them every Friday night with […]