Cold Season

With fall comes colds. We seems to get our fair share of them in our house. We have officially started our “cold season.” My husband and I are both sick with a cold/respitory thing that our son shared with us. Today we both tried our best just to make sure the basic needs were met […]


I love everything fall. How could you not? Don’t you think the leaves are at their prettiest when they are burnt orange, red and brown? Seriously, even boquets of flowers that your wonderful husband sends you are so much better in the fall! Take a look! I spent the morning outside with the kids enjoying […]

Science project for the kids

So I found this great science project for the kids that didn’t involve too much from us other than paying attention. We are housing caterpillars until they become butterflies. I know you are thinking I am crazy.. I do too. Seriously, this is a great learning experience for the kids. Go to and pick […]

A taste of fall

A taste of fall In the midst of our chaotic weekend I was able to get a few things done. I came up with a great grilled chicken recipe (in honor of a great football weekend) and I made two tutu shirts for my daughter. If you are looking for a smoked grilled chicken flavor […]


Hello, My name is Tara. Welcome to my blog. Thank you for taking time to stop by. The reason I created this blog was to share some of my triumphs, trials, tips and nonsense about being a stay at home mom. I hope that you find my blogs helpful. A little about me: I am […]