Greek Potatoes! Growing up deprived of Greek Goodness!

 Greek Potatoes When I was growing up, there was only one Greek restaurant in our town. It was called Niko’s. I LOVED Niko’s food. I think we all did. The only other time you could get good Greek food was at the Greek Festival held once a year. Getting take out from Niko’s was like […]

You haven’t had cabbage like this!

I love Pinterest. I do. I find my to do, to make, to sew list growing every time I log in. I came across this baking sheet of yumminess on a friend’s Instagram. I love cabbage. The man and the 3 Things do not. I know from experience with them that if it’s roasted they […]

Roasted Asparagus

I have time for a quick post. This week has been a hectic week for us. I am hoping it will slow down next week. Did everyone get their first seasonal cup of Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks? I did! I made a special trip up there this morning. It’s like ringing in fall for […]

Potstickers! Make them yourself!

Did y’all miss me the last two weeks? I needed the time that I took off from blogging to spend that extra time with my Things. I also took some time to try out some more new recipes. I have wanted to make potstickers for years. Yes, years! When we go out to eat I […]

Stuffed Artichoke Recipe: How to make it and eat it

Stuffed artichoke Stuffed Artichoke. What do you know about Artichokes? How do you normally eat artichoke? I eat it in dips, cooked with my chicken, but I have never had it stuffed or whole. I love artichoke and thought maybe I could make a stuffed artichoke for dinner. I don’t mind being transparent with you […]