Gluten Free Pork Chop Au Jus My Copy Cat Version from Disney

A few months ago we ate at Be Our Guest in Magic Kingdom. I ordered their Gluten Free Pork Chop Au Jus and fell in love! From there, this recipe was birthed. {mine} {theirs} I have made this a few times trying to perfect the GF version! I love the result I produced! I hope […]

Potstickers! Make them yourself!

Did y’all miss me the last two weeks? I needed the time that I took off from blogging to spend that extra time with my Things. I also took some time to try out some more new recipes. I have wanted to make potstickers for years. Yes, years! When we go out to eat I […]

Pork chops that taste like French toast Recipe

Pork chops that taste like French toast Recipe I am sitting in the playroom surrounded by toys, trucks, blocks and kids playing pretend. Today they are pretending they are heading to Mexico to put out fires. I’m not quite sure how they pick where they are going each day, but they do and they are […]

Fried Pork Chops

You know those super thin pork chops? They really are great for frying.  If you try to bake them you really have to keep your eye on them because they will dry out and burn in a second if you aren’t paying attention. I am always looking for something good to put on those. The […]

South Carolina Vinegar Based Pulled Pork- Slow Cooker Style

Most of you know by now I am from South Carolina. You can take a girl from the south (I haven’t lived in South Carolina in over 6 years) but you can’t take the south out of the girl. I grew up drinking sweet tea right after I learned to walk. I have the fillings […]