Ham Recipes

Ham Recipes We have ham leftover from yesterday. I purposely buy a little more ham than we need because I can make it stretch for a few meals. What else can you make with your leftover ham? Well, I’ll give you the top 5 easy ideas that makes my cut. You can always freeze the […]

Easter Menu and Recipes and Easter Eggs

Good Morning! I am writing this in a dash as I have to run and pick up Thing 1 from testing. I wanted to get this out to you as I know many of you are planning to do Easter Eggs today or tomorrow and Easter Menu Planning is under way! Let’s start with the […]

Gluten- Free Ham & Potato Soup Recipe

Gluten- Free Ham & Potato Soup Recipe Hi y’all! Happy New Year! I trust you all rang in the New Year with hopes renewed, a fresh set of goals and prayers for your families! I’m praying each of my readers is blessed this year! With a new year under our belt, there will be a […]