Have you ever…

It was a Friday which meant it was a grocery shopping day. I was still getting used to taking all four kids out to grocery shop. We were doing our normal rounds; BJ’s, Aldi, and Publix. That morning I went to BJ’s first. Then I whispered prayers of help me please get this done without […]

You Were Designed for God’s Purpse

Here is a little excerpt from today’s post at Wonderfully Woven. Today, I am talking about being Designed for God’s purpose. “Isabella, honey, I asked you to take care of the clothes and you are watching tv?”   “Mom, I’m sorry, I forgot.”   I sat her down and we had a long chat. I […]

Celebrate All The Wins

Good morning! This morning I am chatting about celebrating all the wins/victories in our prayer life.  Head over to Wonderfully Woven and let me know what you are celebrating today! Let’s encourage and lift each other up as we share how God is moving in the big and little ways in our lives. Preview for today’s post. […]

Learning To Let Go

Good morning! I just wanted to let you all know I am blogging over at Wonerfully Woven today. I am sharing how God is teaching me to let go of some things and embrace others. I am feeling that impact heavily in homeschool this year. Head over to Wonderfully Woven to read my post. Quick […]

My Top 10 Patriotic Kid Crafts

Today I am guest posting over Wonderfully Woven! I am enclosing a little teaser for you so you can see what it’s all about.  Top 10 Patriotic Kid Crafts “I love the 4th of July! Not only do we get to celebrate our freedom, but I get to eat good food and watch fireworks. It’s […]