5 ways to de-clutter your life

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I hope you guys are doing well. I have been so busy this year that if you are not following me on all of my social media accounts you may not know what I have been up to. I am still writing, but I am writing for Wonderfully Woven as well as iMOM. You will be getting previews to these posts {twice a month} from me over here at Organized SAHM. If you didn’t know or didn’t see, we published a women’s devotional over Wonderfully Woven. It’s call The Joy Habit.  I co-authored this book with a handful of truly amazing spirit-filled women. Please go check it out. You can get the kindle version as well!

On another note, we are wrapping up our school year! WooHOO! I am in the middle of curriculum planning and reading Teaching from Rest A Homeschooler’s Guide to Unshakable Peace by Sarah Mackenzie. It’s such a good read and very timely for where I am in my homeschooling venture. I am also getting ready for the FPEA homeschoolers conference next month!

Lastly, I have big news. I have only shared this with a few and wanted to keep my readers in the loop about where I am headed this year. Life has been so hectic this year.  I felt like it was time to catch you all up. SO…. I am in the middle of starting a small business! For those who know Lula Roe, I have signed up to open my own boutique. I am so excited! If you do not know what Lula Roe is: very simply stated it’s affordable, modest, fashion- forward clothing for women and girls. We do sell men’s clothing, but I do not plan to start with that line. So here’s the deal. I am giving you guys the very first look at my facebook page: Lula Roe Tara Norman. I have not opened it up to the public and probably won’t for another month. I am in what they call the “que.” A holding place for new sales reps. They only onboard 150 per day so I have about another month of wait time before I get my clothes! The clothes. Give me all the LLR clothes. I am in love with the Madison skirts. In. Love. I secretly can’t wait to shop my own store. My daughter is also a huge fan of the tween skirts. I love that they are beautiful and hit in the middle of her knee. So, head over to my business page and I’ll let you in, just know that we are hanging out for another month or so. As it gets closer I will hold some giveaways here and there to let you know to get ready to shop. When it’s time, I will have an “unboxing” party with all of my stock and you can shop online and get to be the very first to shop what comes in before I host a pop up boutique from my home. Once on my facebook page you will see that I have added in all of my other social media links tied to this business. If you love LLR, I highly suggest you get on Periscope and follow me as I will be doing a lot of Periscope sales when I am not on Facebook.

You are probably wondering what all of this has to do with 5 ways to de-clutter your life. It doesn’t. Nothing at all, but I couldn’t just send out this preview for the post I wrote over at Wonderfully Woven without sharing what is going on with our lives. I hope you all are well and it was so good to get back on and share the updates.

5 ways to de-clutter your life

If you are like me and you are moving in a million different directions, life can be overwhelming at times. About a year ago, I realized that I had too much noise in my life. It was getting in the way of my time with God, my time with my family, and one on one time with my kids. I prayed and asked God to show me some of the things that were taking up the space that I desperately needed to reclaim in my life. These are some of the ways that I de-cluttered my life and silenced some of the noise.

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