You Were Designed for God’s Purpse

Here is a little excerpt from today’s post at Wonderfully Woven. Today, I am talking about being Designed for God’s purpose.

“Isabella, honey, I asked you to take care of the clothes and you are watching tv?”


“Mom, I’m sorry, I forgot.”


I sat her down and we had a long chat. I explained to her that I was preparing her for something special. “Honey, we only have 8 more years with you. Everything we do is preparing you for your future. I don’t want you to be another face in the world, I want you to change the world. I am not expecting perfect, but I am expecting your best. God has a purpose that is great and mighty for your life, and it’s my job to train you and prepare you for that.”

To read the rest of this post, head over to Wonderfully Woven.

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