Organize: The Kid’s Library

Organization: The Kid’s Library

In an effort to help the Things find related books to their studies this year, Thing 1 and I organized their library by type of book. This {click here} is how I have organized our library in the past. Up until now it has worked for us. However, I want the Things to find read alouds that will co-incide with our curriculum for the week.  For now, this is the course of action: organization by subject. The Things have 3 book shelves full of books. It took Thing 1 and I an entire afternoon to separate and label books but we got it done. I am so happy that this task is done. I created a legend for my readers to know what the colors mean on the books. I also found that the stickers need to be taped over with packing tape. No different than in a real library. Those stickers pop off. Really annoying. Still, the work that we put into organizing by subject will pay off this school year!

Organized SAHM: Organization for the kid's library


  1. Responding to your kind comment regarding the Owls! Also dropping by to wish you and the family well at the beginning of your home-schooling year! We did it for our girls when we lived in Canada, finally. Only wished we’d learned we could be eligible to do it earlier, as both girls flourished.

    Enjoyed reading your library re-organisation post as well.

  2. Wow that IS organized! Nice.

  3. Thanks for sharing with the tattler Thursday blog hop.

  4. This is a cool idea. We are just getting ready to reorganize our bookcases. It’s going to be a huge undertaking and the more info I can get on how to do it, the better. What a good idea to use an actual library as inspiration.

    • Organized SAHM says:

      Thanks for stopping by, Esther! Good luck with re-organizing your book shelves! We have 4 ikea sized (ceiling to floor) that I would like to do this to as well!

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